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LUBIRC is a collaboration aiming to promote research towards new biobased products and processes

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At LUBRIC you can find the collected knowledge of Lund University’s researchers on biobased products and processes. We work primarily towards the development of completely new products and processes, but also the replacement of traditional raw materials used in current products and processes with biobased raw materials and associated biotechnological production methods. 

Contact us if you want to find out more, or join the collaboration.


How do we collaborate?

After we have joined together to see if there is interest in developing the research idea through a collaboration, we begin by researching in more detail what is possible to do together, and how we can best do so. In some cases, it can be valuable to look for other collaboration partners such as potential customers, suppliers or those involved in another part of the value chain. Depending on the nature and field of the project, external financing might also be sought.

A structured dialogue between all partners is very important in order to get the best possible result. Analyzing the progress of the ongoing collaboration is also important, and during the project we check thoroughly that the work is progressing at the right pace and leads to the most relevant results. 

Based on former experience, we know that the projects that work best are those that early in the process highlight not only the important technical questions, but also look to other questions that might be crucial for a new process or product to be able to work in practice, such as economics or policy matters. These questions might have important consequences for those technical paths chosen.

Regardless of whether a project is large or small, whether it has the potential to become commercially interesting immediately or in the long term, we establish a collaboration agreement that provides security and trust for all partners. This ensures that we create the most dynamic, and productive, climate of collaboration as possible.

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